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Learn about us & discover our story.

We’re all about Texas.

Founded in 2022 and based in Conroe, TX, Project Defiant is a company whose stated mission is to host events that build Texas communities, inspire patriotism, and support Texas-owned businesses.

Our mission stems from the belief that the cause of liberty goes hand in hand with supporting the backbone of the Lone Star State – our local businesses.

About Jameson Ellis

A seventh-generation Texan born in the small town of Brady, TX, Jameson is a small business owner who now lives in Conroe, TX, with his lovely wife, Donna.

Learn more about Jameson at his website,

Our Values

What we believe.

Texas First

At Project Defiant, our unyielding dedication revolves around prioritizing Texas. We believe in American-made, striving to position the Lone Star State at the forefront of everything we do.

Patriotism is a way of life

Patriotism is ingrained in our DNA. As proud Texans and devoted Americans, our love for Texas and our unwavering pride in being citizens of this great nation define every aspect of our existence.

No one stands alone

We are deeply proud Texans who stand together, driven by our strong sense of community. Our work brings us immense fulfillment, and we take great pride in our work.

Faith Over Fear

God is our foundation; we courageously embrace calculated risks, steadfastly rejecting the grip of fear on our decision-making process.

Community Building

We work to empower local businesses, fortify community bonds, and strive to instill a profound sense of civic duty.

Our Heartbeat

The mission beyond our mission

Project Defiant isn’t just about putting on events. Our real heartbeat is to equip and educate a new generation of servant leaders on constitutional principles to pass the torch of liberty to the next generation.

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